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Picturesque landscape artwork

Picturesque landscape artwork

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Artwork Size : 30cm X 30cm 
Frame size : 40cm X 40cm
Frame is include 

Serene and picturesque landscape painting. It depicts a tranquil morning scene where the sun is rising over a lush meadow, casting a warm, golden glow across the scene. The sky is painted in soft hues of pink, purple, and blue, with scattered clouds that are illuminated by the rising sun, reflecting the light in a spectrum of warm colors.

The landscape features an expanse of wildflowers in various shades of purple, pink, white, and yellow, creating a tapestry of color that blankets the ground. A meandering stream reflects the sunlight and adds a peaceful element to the composition, leading the viewer's eye through the meadow towards the distant horizon, which is lined with trees and a hint of misty fog.

The artwork captures the quiet beauty of dawn in the countryside, inviting contemplation and a sense of connection with nature. The attention to detail in the texture of the grass, the gradation of the sky's colors, and the overall atmospheric effect all contribute to the artwork's evocative and immersive quality.

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