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Dog astronaut artwork

Dog astronaut artwork

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Artwork Size : 30cm X 30cm 
Frame size : 40cm X 40cm
Frame is include

A dog wearing an astronaut's suit, complete with a helmet and the American flag patch on the suit's arm, indicating it's an astronaut from the United States. The dog appears to be floating in space, with the Earth and the vastness of space visible in the background. The Milky Way galaxy can be seen in the distant cosmos, adding a majestic and expansive feel to the image. This is a whimsical and imaginative creation that humanizes the dog by placing it in a human role, invoking both the history of animals in space and the playful idea of a dog exploring the final frontier. The level of detail in the suit and the realistic depiction of space give the artwork a lifelike quality, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality.

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