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Abstract expressionist artwork

Abstract expressionist artwork

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Artwork Size : 30cm X 30cm 
Frame size : 40cm X 40cm
Frame is include

vivid and dynamic composition . It features swirling patterns of color that seem to flow and twist around a central vortex. The colors are rich and intense, ranging from cool blues and purples on one side to warm reds, oranges, and yellows on the other, suggesting a temperature or mood gradient from one side to the other. The textures are reminiscent of thick brushstrokes, with each layer of color clearly defined and yet blending seamlessly into the next. This gives the impression of movement and energy, as if the colors are in a state of constant flux. Cloud-like forms at the edges suggest a celestial or atmospheric quality, adding to the sense of depth and scale. Overall, the image is a feast for the eyes, full of motion and emotion, and it could be interpreted in numerous ways depending on the viewer's perspective.

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